Burn Care- Chemical and Fire Burns

Derm Renewal Skin Care has many skin benefits. Along with improving your skin’s appearance, Derm Renewal soothes the sting of new burns, either by chemical perms and relaxers or fire and heat burns. 1st degree and 2nd degree burns can be quickly soothed. Always follow up with medical help. Easy to use application. Lather and apply Derm Renewal and let sit for 3-5 minutes then rinse. Stinging stops upon application. With continued use, Derm Renewal can help the body heal the area with minimal scarring. Derm Renewal is made with natural ingredients and can be used for everyday natural skin cleansing. Derm Renewal is also the perfect addition to barber shops and salons to treat immediate client burns.

For more information and ordering…

Visit: https://sites.google.com/site/quantumhealthspashop/home

Quantum Health Spa is the home of Derm Renewal Skin Care and Burn Care Products. Quantum Health Spa is located in beautiful historic downtown Clinton, NJ 08809
Book a Therapeutic Massage today. Get a 10% discount when you mention this blog. There is also a relaxation room with complimentary beverages. Spa Contact: 908-730-7366. Gift Certificates Available. Shop for Derm Renewal Skin Care and Burn Care products at our shop or online.


About quantumhealthspa

Massage Therapist and formulator of Derm Renewal Skin Care products.
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