Your Body Speaks. The Importance of Detoxing your Body.

The Importance of Detoxing your Body.

Many people have been living in the lower standard of health for much of their lives. So much so, that we think being sick is normal. We on the most part, have not been taught how important internal body maintenance is. Our bodies are regulated by chemical and hormonal functions. Any substance added to this crucial balance can throw our whole body to be rendered “Out of balance”. This is where disease comes from. Hormonal imbalances are created.

Your Body Speaks.

Your body has a voice. It has a language. It speaks to you. It let’s you know how well it’s doing. Or, how bad it is doing. We were never meant to ignore it. Warning signals It must be taken seriously. Advil, Tylenol and other pain relievers do not heal the problem. In many ways, pain relievers make the problem worst.

Pain in the body, says that there is something wrong. Intruder alert! Many headaches, migraines and even back aches are from “Toxicity poisoning”. Stress just irritates the area the toxins are logged into and disturbs them in their hiding places. These chemicals react with our hormones and disturbs and hinders proper functioning of every system in the body even more. Until these intruders are removed, the illness continues like a domino effect gets worse over time. Pain relievers are “Denial pills”. Denial is a very self destructive trait to have. No one can better themselves when living in denial.

“Homeostasis” is perfect balance, peace. Nothing broken, nothing missing. Completeness. Pharmaceuticals give a false sense of balance, by just turning off warning signs or adding more chemicals to help balance the body without ridding the body of the offending chemicals that threw the body off in the first place. This is why if you start on 1 drug, another chemical collision has been created. Then another drug is added to try to balance the next big chemical domino effect. Many people nearing the end of their lives with 10-15 drugs in their bathroom cabinet or purse.

This should not be. Purge the system and the body returns to “Homeostasis”.


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